July 11: Sudbury to Toronto to Michigan and 3 Great Lakes in a Day

After a previous day of driving all day and waking up at a rest stop around Sudbury, it was time to drive some more. I planned to hit up Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, and Lake Huron before heading back to the United States. I knew I’d have a lot of driving in rural areas, but it would soon be replaced by city driving around Toronto.

Since there was running water at the rest stop, I first got cleaned up before hitting the road.

I then started driving and stopped at a Tim Horton’s to eat some breakfast and work on my blog.

I kept driving until I hit an information center a little bit outside Toronto.

I got my bearings. I decided it would hit up Lake Ontario first. I headed to Lakeview Park in Oshawa. It was a beautiful day!

I did a quick walk around of the beach and then hit the road again. This time I wanted to hit up Lake Erie, so I went to Nickel Beach Port in Colborne. There were some big ships around this area.

To get to my last Great Lake of the day, Huron, I had to hurry to try to make it before sundown. I was near Niagara Falls at the time, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to see both. I was more concerned about hitting up all the Great Lakes in the limited time I had, so I headed to a place near Gallimere Beach in Plymton-Wyoming.

I ended up not being able to make it, but did find a place I could get a couple of pictures. There was a hint of light outside, but not much. I had to use my phone as a flashlight to walk down a trail to get to a beach. I was able to get some pictures and footage and then relax a bit after the long drive.

I knew I was on a tight schedule to get back into the US and get to RockUSA. I headed out and made sure to fill up a little bit before I hit the border because I did not know where the next gas station would be. Since gas is so much more expensive in Canada than the US, I put a little bit in to know I wouldn’t run too low.

The border crossing itself was probably one of the easiest ever, unlike my crossing coming into Canada for this trip. I think I was asked like 3 questions, including to roll down my back windows and then I was on my way. I guess when I mentioned the name of my blog and how I hit up 3 Great Lakes in a day and the border guard could see I had a suitcase, sleeping bag, and cooler in the back seat, so he probably figured I was legit.

I then stopped to fill it up complete with half price (from Canada standards) gas. I also saw there were a lot of threatening storms coming.

I did get a good lightning show (which you should see on my drive videos). I was able to drive a decent amount and then get to a rest stop in Michigan. All this driving made me extremely tired, so I fell asleep right away. There was a lot of driving in the day, but it was awesome to say I drove through Toronto and also hit up 3 different Great Lakes in a single day!

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