July 3: Madison and Stevens Point

For July 3rd, Victoria and I decided that we wanted to hit up Madison. Eventually, it is in our plans to move there from Austin. I went to college there and also lived there a while after college, so I am very familiar with the area. Since we were in Wisconsin, it only made sense to drive 2 hours from Marshfield so Victoria could also become more familiar with the city.

Our first stop was The Great Dane. We parked in the parking garage next door and then went inside and ate. After eating, we walked past that same parking garage and then over to Monona Terrace.

After walking around Monona Terrace a bit, we headed over the the Wisconsin Capitol Building where I got a few pictures on top of the observation deck. It wasn’t long before we were on our way again. This time to State Street.

I had been texting my buddy Jake to find out what he was up to. He was around Wisconsin Dells at the time and we decided to meet in Stevens Point. Victoria and I drove around Madison a bit and also stopped at Woodman’s to get some local coffee, salsa, and hot sauce before we headed to Steven’s Point.

By the time we got to Steven’s Point, we were hungry. We stopped at Polito’s Pizza and got some pizza and garlic knots. As usual, the food was excellent!

After eating we walked down towards The Square. We saw this cool mural along the way.

After walking around The Square a bit, Jake and his fiancé Katie met up with us. We then walked over to the Green Mile and hiked a ways to watch the sunset. After the sun was set, we walked back over towards the direction of The Square.

All this walking made us thirsty so we stopped in at a staple of Steven’s Point, Joe’s Bar, to have a drink. After our drink and talking a bit, Jake and Katie went on their way and Victoria and I went back to my parent’s house. Knowing that the next day was going to be long because we had to drive to Minneapolis, we got to bed halfway early to get a good night’s rest. It was cool covering as much ground as we did and we were definitely tired after all the exploring from the day.

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