July 5: Dropping Victoria off at the Airport and Up to Winnipeg

After driving to Minneapolis and getting some sleep at the La Quinta Inn Minneapolis Airport Bloomington, MN, it was time to get up early and drop Victoria off at the airport at around 3:30am.

Once I dropped Victoria off, I headed back to the hotel to sleep a little more. I had a 7 hour drive ahead of me and a border crossing (which we all know how well border crossings can go for me). I slept a few more hours and then had breakfast. Before you know it, I was on the road and off to Winnipeg.

At one of my gas stops at Big Chief in Fergus Falls, MN, I saw a cool teepee thing across the road.

When I started getting closer to the border, I had to put on Bus Rider by the Guess Who like I did last time I went to Winnipeg. This time there was no JP in the car to annoy when I played it a few times.

Soon I was at the border. There was only 1 lane open and it took forever. When it was my turn, I got called in for secondary questioning and was given the run around. Eventually, they figured I was legit, so they let me on my way.

Now I was planning to drive to Morris, Manitoba and stay at the Morris Stampede Inn like I did last time.

It looked like some sort of rodeo was going on, or at least something was going on as there were no rooms available. I decided I’d head to Winnipeg and find a room there. I was getting hungry, so, to retrace my trip from last time, I went to Carlos & Murphy’s. Last time, I had a great time drinking there, but didn’t try their food. This time I was going to try their food.

I had to park on the street a couple blocks away. When I walked to the restaurant, I went past the hotel I stayed at last time. Unfortunately, it was closed so I wouldn’t be able to get a room there.

Carlos & Murphy’s is located in Osbourne Village. This area is a neat neighborhood with a lot of bars and shops. From what I’ve read online it’s kind of an up and coming sort of hipster area.

After eating, I thought I could hit up Safeway and get some local products. I ended up coming empty handed as there wasn’t any local hot sauce, coffee, or salsa. There was a lot of stuff still up for Canada Day.

By this time of night, it was time to start thinking about getting a hotel. I wanted to stay downtown, but I found out it was very expensive, especially with parking. I needed to scope out another place, so I drove from downtown to the mall, St. Vitals Centre, to get my bearings.

I thought I might be able to buy some CD’s from HMV, but it appeared they went out of business. After walking around and taking a few pictures, I sat down on a couch and started looking up hotels. I had a conversation with 2 other guys who were sitting there and we talked about Canada, as well as a bunch of other things.

In the meantime, I discovered the Comfort Inn by the Airport was reasonably priced. After I got done chatting, I drove there and crashed for the night. Just as I had a long drive that day, I had another long drive from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay the next day.

I got a good night’s sleep at the hotel and was happy I was very ahead of schedule compared to what I had kind of planned. Instead of exploring Winnipeg the following day, I could drive straight to Thunder Bay as I saw all the things I wanted to see.


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