Jungle Gardens and Bird City on Avery Island, LA

The McIlhenny family, who created Tabasco, has been conservationists for many generations. Originally, their whole Tabasco hot sauce business relied on Avery Island.  They grew all the peppers on the island. The salt for the sauce came from salt domes on the island. They even built a company town for their employees on the island.

They understand their success relies on being stewards of the environment. They strive to maintain a healthy ecosystem around them. With that, they created a conservation area on Avery Island. It is called Jungle Gardens. They also have a bird refuge called Bird City.

There are tons of native Louisiana plants and animals there. They also have bamboo and other Asian plants planted. Bird City is a sanctuary for the Snowy Egret. The Snowy Egret is a bird that was almost made extinct until the sanctuary was put in place.

Jungle Gardens is a good place to take in nature. There are some gravel roads that you slowly drive through. Next to the gravel roads are live oak trees with Spanish moss hanging from them. There are plenty of places to pull over and stop. Occasionally, you will see a hoard of bamboo plants. If you want to, you can even come eye-to-eye with an alligator!

The following are a bunch of pictures I took while my uncle and I rode around Jungle Gardens.

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