K1 Speed, Austin, TX

Electric is the future! It seems like you see more electric cars on the road every single day. Electric cars are quiet, give off no emissions, and have great performance. It’s no wonder they are slowly replacing gasoline vehicles!

As a kid, I always remember the go-karts at various water parks I visited. You’d hear the small engine rumbling away as you tried to race around the track. Just how electric cars are taking over the road, there’s more options for electric go-karts.

K1 Speed has some of the highest performance go-karts I have seen for a public go-kart track. Their electric go-karts scream up to 45mph! Victoria got me a gift card for Valentine’s day and I finally got a chance to use it.

The cool thing is K1 Speed appears to be in a converted warehouse. There’s a few other warehouses in the area. When you don’t have to worry about emissions, you have a lot of flexibility on where you can setup. Having the indoor setup is nice since you don’t have to worry about the elements. Texas summers sure can be brutal!

When you walk inside, you can tell racing is the name of the game. There’s open wheel cars on display and other racing stuff painted all over the walls.

You have to register as a first time customer there. The computers have cool car mice on them. After registering, you get a head sock to wear under your helmet. You can also see the other racers racing and the leader board.

Now that you have everything, you walk past the concession stand and other areas. We got there early so our names were called right away to report to the race area. Otherwise, there’s some food and tables that you can grab a bite to eat while waiting. There’s also a couple pool tables and arcade games.

You make your way out to the race area where they go over the rules. You then grab a helmet and are assigned a car.

Now I didn’t take any pictures while driving. That would be stupid and also would have really cut down on my race times. Victoria and I did one race. The electric go-karts are something to get used to. They do have a lot of power and it’s the fastest I’ve ever went in a go-kart. The engine is mainly silent until you start maxing it out. It then has a higher pitched whine to it.

The brakes take a little getting used to. They only have back brakes. It’s easy to skid and slide the rear around, especially considering the speed these karts go. They also have a stall feature. If you hit the brake while you’re even slightly on the accelerator, you’re not going to go anywhere fast.

The track itself is twisty and turny. The first time racing is definitely a learning experience. It is a lot of fun and keeps you on your toes as you try to make better lap times. At the end, the car’s amount of power and speed is remotely controlled. The car itself will slow down a ton, even at full throttle, as you put it into the bay.

When you are done racing, you get out of the car and your results are printed by the concession stand.

I could see on the printout that my lap times got better as I got more used to the kart and the track. After looking at them, Victoria and I decided to watch a race. This time it looked like a bunch of smaller kid-sized karts.

The experience was a lot of fun! These go-karts are fast and I can see where this kind of racing is addictive. It’s also cool seeing the performance of electric motors. I know I’ll be back and hopefully I can improve on my lap times!

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