K&A Variety Restaurant & Gas Bar, Fort William First Nation, ON

Pickerel is a Canadian delicacy. In many ways, it’s just like Walleye in America and people will confuse it for Walleye. Pickerel and Walleye are members of two different fish families. The only similarity they share is they are both highly prized fish that are great to eat.

One of my readers, Ken, invited me to come and try a Pickerel dinner with him. He is a member of the Fort William First Nation right outside of Thunder Bay. His uncle owns the K&A Variety Restaurant & Gas Bar there. This is a gas station with a restaurant attached.

Ken and I went inside and ordered. Their menu had a decent selection. I was not super hungry, so I ordered the Pickerel Burger. We then found a seat and I took a few pictures in the meantime of our food coming out.

When the food came out, I was a bit surprised. I’m used to the way they make fish sandwiches in the US. They basically grind the fish and put it in a breaded patty. Who really knows the quality of the fish or how processed it is when you get it?

Well, I didn’t have to worry about that at K&A. The Pickerel burger contained individual fish fillets. This wouldn’t be the mushy single patty that I often get! The fish itself had a light crisp to it. On top of it was a fresh piece of lettuce. Tartar sauce was on the bottom to give it some more flavor. The bun itself was firm and chewy.

All together, it made a great tasting fish sandwich. It tasted fresh and homemade. Every component of the sandwich complimented each other well. It was a very high quality fish sandwich that I miss out a lot on due to what’s offered in the US.

If you want to get a high quality fish sandwich (Pickerel burger), you need to check out K&A Variety Restaurant & Gas Bar. Currently as of this writing, they don’t even have a Facebook page or any social media from what I can tell. It’s kind of one of those word of mouth sort of places and a gem off the beaten path.

I’m happy Ken (thanks Ken!) reached out to me and he accompanied me to eat here. It was some great food and I definitely love being able to meet my readers.

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