Keller’s Hamburgers, Dallas, TX

Keller’s Hamburgers is one of those Dallas institutions that has been around for a while. It has been around over 50 years and has been rated highly. Being around as long as it has, it has been grandfathered in to some alcohol laws. It is one of the only places in Dallas you can legally drink in the parking lot or in your car.

To be honest, when I first pulled into this place I thought, “What a dump.” You could clearly tell this place had been around a while, but not in a good way. The metal roof was missing in some spots and the whole place looked in disrepair.

I really didn’t want to eat in my car, so I parked the car. My buddy Andy was with me and he said that there should be picnic tables. We got out of the car and walked around. I took a few pictures along the way.

While the place was in disrepair, it did take you back to a bygone era. There was a jukebox outside. If you parked a bunch of older cars around there, you’d never thought you left 1970. Judging by the cars parked there, it appeared to still be as popular as back then.

We found out there weren’t any picnic tables. We got back in the car and out first attempt to park was met with blinding light.

We found another spot that we wouldn’t be blinded.

Another great thing about this place was everything was very cheap! In many ways forgoing upkeep on the outside is at least keeping prices down. Besides the cheap prices, I noticed a weird thing about the menu. The numbers were out of order!

A short while after looking at the menu, the carhop came out. We both ordered and then quickly got our drinks.

The food soon came quickly. I got a #8 double meat cheeseburger. It came on a poppy seed bun. Like I said, eating in the car wasn’t the most optimal, but I made it work. The burger and fries were really good. You could definitely tell they were made to order!

Overall, this place is pretty good. The outside is definitely sketchy. There’s no doubt about that. In many ways this adds to the character of the place. It takes you back to an era that has long passed us. The prices are dirt cheap and seem like they should be from that era.

I don’t know why the menu is out of order for its numbers, but that adds to the quirkiness. I can definitely see why people keep coming back to this place and I have a feeling it’ll be around for another 50 years!

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