Kerbey Lane, Austin, TX

Kerbey Lane is one of Austin’s quirky restaurants that literally started in a house on Kerbey Lane and expanded to a few locations across the Austin area. They have always stressed their local roots and you can easily see that with some of the Austiny offerings they have such as vegan queso. We visited the south location.

The building itself is kind of big in the strip mall. With the outdoor eating area, it seems to wrap around a good distance.

The inside shows off the quirkiness of the restaurant. Just looking around, you could see the place was popular with how packed it was.

Just like a place like Perkins, the menu had a wide selection of choices.

Unlike Perkins, you can get chips and queso. From a non-Austin perspective chips and queso seem like a minor thing, but it’s one of the things that really defines Austin and is held dear here. This time we opted for the normal queso and not the vegan stuff.

Keeping with the Austin theme, the ketchup was organic.

I got a turkey and avocado sandwich along with some sweet potato fries on the side. It was delicious!

I didn’t get a chance to jump on the wifi, but in this visit to the restaurant, it was just nice to make good conversation. I know Kerbey Lane makes good pancakes and that is one of the local products I see in some of the grocery stores around town. In many ways the restaurant chain has become an institution of Austin that lives out the quirkiness that makes the city great!

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