Kobe Steaks Japanese Restaurant, Dallas, TX

Kobe Steaks Japenese Restaurant is a teppan-yaki style steak house. I had to actually look this up as I do not really frequent these kind of places. In layman’s terms, it’s one of those fancy Japanese restaurants that cooks the food in front of you. This was actually my first time going to one of these, and it was definitely an experience!

Like I said, I normally would not go to a restaurant like this. The reason I was here was for Victoria’s Dad’s birthday.

When we got inside, it was very dark. The inside was nice.  It set the mood for Japanese-style elegance. We sat down a little ways from the bar and waited for a table to open up.

After a little while, we were taken back to our table and given a menu.

Soon a waitress came in to take our order.

After we placed our orders, we got our soup and salad. I decided to eat everything with chopsticks.

Before you knew it, our chef arrived! He heated up the grill and put sauces in each of our the sauce dishes.

He then started cooking the rice.

Once the rice was cooked and put into bowls, he handed it to us. The rice was great!

Next, it was time to cook the onions, other vegetables, mushrooms, and shrimp.

While doing that, some of the steaks came out.

The shrimp was done soon. I got a double portion because Victoria doesn’t like shrimp. I was more than happy to accept it.

The cooking and eating continued.

I kept eating while they started to clean up.

The food was amazing! I ate as much as I could. I definitely wasn’t letting this go to waste, and I got a to-go box.

We then had dessert, and Victoria’s Dad got a birthday candle on his ice cream as well as a song from the staff.

I got the green tea ice cream. It had a bit of a different taste, but I liked it!

After that, it was time to go. As fast as we came in, we left. They definitely have a smooth operation going there!

I can definitely say I enjoyed this experience. I know these places are a bit expensive, so that’s why I never went to one. I can see where it would be a lot of fun for a special occasion. Not only do you great an amazing meal, but it’s also entertainment as they cook it in front of you!

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