Kremlin, San Antonio, TX

Personally, I’m not much of a club person. I found out Kremlin was a club when it was decided this was the place to hang out for the second party after Victoria’s company’s official Christmas party. Kremlin was a bit of a walk from our hotel on The Riverwalk.

I knew it was one of those kind of clubs when the bouncers at the door initially said they might not let me in for wearing shorts. They said the people taking the cover charge would determine it, but nobody ever said anything as they took my money. I then walked inside and got a beer.

When I mean it’s “one those kind of clubs” where the cheap dividing rope between the supposed VIP and the regular area was really tacky. Real clubs have separate areas for their VIP section and not some cheap bank rope to divide things.

Another dead giveaway was the people in those supposed VIP areas. They were a bit trashy doing questionable things that just added to the ambience of being one of “those clubs.” At least the people in the non-VIP areas seemed well-behaved and appeared to be having a good time as it got more and more crowded.

The one cool thing they did have was the sparkler on the bottles for the bottle service for the VIPs. It also appeared the staff was having a good time working, so that’s definitely a plus.

The inside got really packed and loud, so we made our way to the outside patio. It was still a bit loud, but it was much easier to talk.

I’m hoping all of Victoria’s coworkers had a good time. I’m just not a club guy and this place reminded me of the wannabe club in my hometown. The fact that wearing shorts was pointed out by the bouncers, yet some of the questionable things that were happening in the club, as well as the air of fake ambience was a bit of a turn off.

I’m sure a lot of people really enjoy these places and I’m sure this club is much cheaper than the real ones. I literally had 2 Lone Star beers and hung out the best I could. I’m sure you probably won’t read about too many more club reviews on this blog, but maybe once I’ll go to a legit one so I can have a standard of comparison.

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