Kuyoth’s Klassics, Stratford, WI

It’s not often that you have a muscle car dealership, especially in a small town like Stratford, Wisconsin that only has 1500 people. Being a big Ford guy, I’ve known about this place for years since they mainly specialize in ’65 to ’73 Mustangs. When it came time to buy my own muscle car, this was one of the first places I looked and was where I actually bought my 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator.

I decided to take the Cougar out and take a little ride from Marshfield to Stratford. This year, Marshfield has seen almost record amounts of rain, so I could see the car lot was a bit empty. I know online their inventory is much bigger, so I’m guessing many of the vehicles were being (rightfully) protected in a storage shed.

After parking the Cougar, I just did a quick walk around and saw what was there. I also see they had a few things out back possibly waiting for a restoration.


I always like dropping by this place and seeing what they have on their lot. It’s like a mini car show and just like Country Classic Cars, everything is for sale. Maybe if I hit it rich, I might be back here for another muscle car, but right now I’m perfectly happy with my Cougar.

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