Kwik Trip, Marshfield, WI

I wish I could say this blog entry made this specific Kwik Trip famous, but I guess in the meantime of me visiting here and posting this blog entry, the guy who locked himself in the beer cooler and then preceded to drink instead of knocking on the window for help, made this Kwik Trip famous.

When I had moved back from Madison to Marshfield after college, I accepted a job at Marshfield Clinic where I worked from 5am-2pm. With that being said, the only things open before work to get breakfast were Walmart, Festival Foods, and Kwik Trip. Needless to say, Kwik Trip breakfasts became a staple of my life, and I went to this Kwik Trip many mornings.

On this specific trip to Kwik Trip, my first order of business was to get gas for my Thunder Bay trip.

The next order of business was to get some money for my trip. One great thing about Kwik Trip is they have free ATMs.

After getting money, I took a little walk around the store. Not knowing, or in a million years thinking that the beer cooler of this place was going to be famous, I actually didn’t take any pictures of it. I did get a good chunk of the rest of the store though.

When most people think of gas station food, they think of low quality garbage that’s been sitting in a hot case for days before someone is starving enough to risk it. In the case of Kwik Trip, that is the furthest from the truth. They make excellent food and pride themselves on it being fresh. They sell staples like milk and meat, along with some vegetables like onions and potatoes. In essence, they’re well above and beyond what you’d expect from a convenience store.

In terms of the Kwik Trip breakfast I got for my road trip, I got an august steak and egg croissant, hash brown sticks, a pack of beef sticks, and a pint of whole milk. Besides maybe adding some string cheese, this is pretty much what I got all the time.

Over the years, I have grown to love Kwik Trip. Besides being able to get a full tank of gas, I’m also able to fill my wallet without ATM charges, and also fill my belly with their great food. I know I’m getting close to home when I hit Austin, Minnesota and see one of the first Kwik Trips along the way.

I do find it funny how this Kwik Trip was inadvertently made famous, but I guess I’ll laugh at the irony since this was my main Kwik Trip that I have went to countless times. The only real thing I could say they could do better is open a few stores around Austin, Texas and on my route back to Wisconsin so I don’t have to chance it with other gas stations.

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