Kyle Field, College Station, TX

Just like Lambeau Field is the sanctuary for the Green Bay Packers, Kyle Field is that for the Texas A&M Aggies. Unlike Lambeau Field that only seats 81,000 people, Kyle Field takes it to a Texas-level and seats over 102,000 people. Basically, Kyle Field could seat all but 2,000 people of Green Bay’s current population. While I’m still pretty particular to Lambeau Field, I will say Kyle Field is a pretty impressive stadium.

On the north end of the stadium, there is a memorial for Reveille, Texas A&M’s mascot. Reveille has been Texas A&M’s mascot since 1931 and is a female Collie. She is the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets. Since dogs obviously have a limited lifespan, the current Reveille is named Reveille IX. This memorial is dedicated to the other deceased Reveilles. In keeping with the Texas A&M tradition, a scoreboard has been erected by their graves so they can always see the score of the game.

We pretty much walked around the north end of the stadium before the game, so I snapped a few pictures before we went inside.

To go inside, you have to walk through these tunnels.

As I said earlier, once inside, the stadium is huge. We got good seats and were down closer to the end zone.

Working on the infrastructure side of IT, one thing that really impressed me was the wifi infrastructure they had in place. When I first got to the stadium, I got pretty amazing speeds for public wifi, and even as the stadium filled up the speeds were still really good. I’ve put this infrastructure in place at an extremely smaller scale, so it’s really impressive they were able to pull off this kind of coverage that provided this good of a connection for up to 102,000 people!

After watching a great game, we walked over to the 12th Man Statue. The 12th Man comes from a game in 1922 when E. King Gill had to leave the stands to suit up for the Aggies due to injuries that left the team with only 11 players and no backups. Now it is an Aggie Tradition that every Aggie student in attendance of the game is the “12th man” ready to suit up and play if ever needed.

After visiting this statue, we started walking back. I guess in keeping with the times we could have taken an Uber, but we decided to just take the bus.

On a future walk around the campus I will have to check out more of Kyle Field. We were in a bit of a time crunch so I only got to see the north part of it. The stadium itself is huge, so there is definitely a lot more to see!

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