L & R Meat Market, Belton, TX

It seems every little town in Texas has meat market. I’m not sure if it’s a zoning requirement, but you’ll find them everywhere. In Belton, you can find L & R Meat Market is tucked into a shopping center.

You can tell it’s a different type of shopping center when you have the smoker and wood for it right out front.

That’s great though! I makes me want to get inside quick and see what they have to offer!

Prior to me coming, Steve, the owner, had reached out to me on Facebook. He saw my post about Robertson’s and suggested I try his jerky. He also mentioned something about “Texas Twinkies.” If I didn’t have a couple more hours of driving, I would have bought some. They definitely look enticing and I think I need to invest in a good cooler!

I settled for a piece of beef jerky and a piece of pork jerky.

The beef jerky is a bit drier with a slight smoke taste to it. The smoke flavor came in waves and left a pleasant aftertaste with it. If this were advertised like gum, it could definitely be advertised as long lasting in terms of smoke flavor.

The pork jerky was a bit like a pork chop loaded with spices. It was more moist than the beef jerky, but a bit drier than a real pork chop would be. It was chewy and tasted great for jerky! Pork jerky is hard to come by so it’s great being able to find it!

L & R Meat Market definitely holds its own as a small town meat market. The jerky is good and next time I drop by I’ll have to bring a cooler and get some of those Texas Twinkies!

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