La Poutine, Thunder Bay, ON

After finishing coffee at St. Paul Roastery, I thought I had some time left in the parking meter. It was around lunch time and I saw a place across the road called La Poutine.

I decided to check how much time I had on the meter and then walked to La Poutine and went inside.

I took a look at the menu. There were so many good looking choices!

I could also see the food was going to be made fresh. I put in my order and walked towards the table.

I see there was a burger challenge. The food looks great but it looks like 3 days worth of food to me. This challenge was not for me, but judging by both the wall of fame and wall of shame, I can see there were a lot of takers.

I sat down and took in the cozy little restaurant. I decided to go Texas on my drink of choice and get a Dr. Pepper.

The food was indeed fresh and looked amazing when it came out.

While my drink may have been Texas, my food was Montreal. I got the Montreal Smoked Meat poutine. Brigitte, the owner, explained this was authentic to Quebec, where she is originally from. The whole experience was to make everything feel just like Montreal.

I was told that everything but the cheese curds are sourced locally. The cheese curds came from Quebec. The meat is smoked right on site. I learned that there is much debate among French Canada vs. the rest of Canada when it comes to opinions on poutine.

Most people think poutine is french fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds. There are different ways to mix it up, but that’s the core of poutine, at least how the rest of Canada sees it. You can even put ketchup on it if you like.

When it comes to poutine made in French Canada, gravy is replaced with a sauce. This sauce is a bit thinner and sweeter. It does have a different taste and you typically don’t put ketchup on it. I’m used to eating the other type of poutine so this was a pleasant and welcomed change. I definitely liked it!

I do find it awesome that there are different varieties of poutine. It shows that there are varying cultures in Canada and it’s great to be able to experience each of them. I can see where things can get a bit heated in debate on who makes the best poutine, but I will say both styles are great and I’m happy I was able to try what La Poutine had to offer!

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