La Quinta Inn Eagle Pass, Eagle Pass, TX

I‘ve been to Eagle Pass several times and have always stayed at this hotel. It’s one of the more basic hotels out there, but it’s one of the cheaper ones in Texas, so you definitely have to take that into consideration.

The outside:

The Lobby:

The hallways:

This is an outdoor hotel.

The pool:

Now it was 100 degrees when I got here, so the pool was being heavily used. I waited a while to get pictures so I didn’t seem like a creeper.

The room:

The room was basic, but clean.

The view:

I was on the first floor next to the pool.

Internet Speeds:

The speeds were standard for a hotel and better than I’ve seen at a lot of nicer hotels.


Breakfast here was basic. For a cheaper La Quinta, this is to be expected. There wasn’t any eggs or anything warm, but I made a good breakfast out of bagels.

Other Notes on the Hotel:

Like I said, this is a cheaper hotel so a lot of things have to be overlooked. There was a lot of road noise due to it being close to a busy intersection. This is something the hotel obviously can’t help, but is something the make note of.

Additionally, I never received my La Quinta Elite bag that I normally get (and have got here in the past). There were also a few minor issues like the toilet seat didn’t want to stay up without holding it and the door would lock and make it impossible to close it unless you almost slammed it shut right after turning the handle from the inside.

Since this was a work trip, I didn’t pay for the hotel but I always have to bring a receipt back. This hotel is around $60, so that essentially puts it on par with a Motel 6. When you put it in that perspective, you get your money’s worth and the hotel is decent for a good night’s sleep.

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