La Quinta Inn Lubbock Downtown Civic Center, Lubbock, TX

This La Quinta was literally just booked as a place to sleep when I headed up to Colorado. It was around the halfway point between Austin and Denver. I used my La Quinta points and was able to book a free room here. It actually only took 8,000 La Quinta points, so I knew it was going to be a bit older of a place. Overall, it was a decent hotel and was at my expectations.

The Outside:

This hotel was one of those motels with the outdoor entrances to the rooms.

The lobby:

The hallways:

The pool:

The room:

The door was a bit sketchy.

Other than the door being sketchy, the room itself wasn’t too bad.

The view:

This was obviously an outdoor entrance room, so it was mainly the parking lot for the view.

Internet speeds:

I didn’t use the internet much, but the speeds weren’t horrible compared to a lot of other hotels I’ve stayed at.


This place didn’t have fried eggs, but it did have a decent breakfast.

There was even a waffle maker that made waffles in the shape of Texas.

La Quinta Returns Snack:

We got 2 bottles of water and 2 cookies since I am an Elite member. This was definitely good for the road trip.

This hotel was pretty basic overall, but that’s all I needed (and for 8,000 points for a free room, expected). It was a clean place to sleep and the internet worked well for the little I used it. If I’m ever passing through Lubbock again, this place was one of the cheaper La Quinta’s so it would be worth staying at again for a basic place to stay.

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