La Quinta Inn & Suites Brownsville North, Brownsville, TX

I have stayed at this La Quinta several times when doing work in Brownsville. It is one of the nicer ones in the state and is very close to the port of entries I work at.

The Outside:

There’s a long driveway that you drive down and there are palm trees on each side. The hotel itself appears to be newer.

The Lobby:

The Hallways:

They did have a fancy engraving by the elevators.

The Fitness Room:

The fitness room had a few cardio options.

The Pool:

The pool actually had a grill. This was one of the first times I saw this at a hotel. I could see where it would be nice to grill out and hang by the pool if it wasn’t super hot.

The Room:

The View:

Internet Speeds:

One thing I noticed about this place is when the internet worked, it worked great.

Later in the evening, when you could tell everyone was on it, it became unusable. It seems like every time I stay here, this ends up being the case. The internet works great until times of peak demand and then you can’t use it.

Happy Hour:

I know this hotel has happy hours, at least some of the nights I stayed. By the time I found this out, I already had bought food and was in my room.


The breakfast at this La Quinta is pretty good overall. It seems most border La Quintas serve really good breakfasts.

Other Notes on the Hotel:

This was my Elite La Quinta Returns snack:

Overall, I do enjoy staying at this hotel. It is very nice and the breakfast is really good. Being close to where I need to work in the area, it’s an easy commute there. I do wish the internet was a little more stable, but since I do stay at this one on a somewhat frequent basis, I have found my ways to work around it.

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