La Quinta Inn and Suites, Guthrie, Oklahoma

Typically when I drive from Wisconsin to Texas, I just find a rest stop (usually a Kansas travel plaza) to sleep at. When Victoria comes up with me, we usually find a room somewhere in Northern Oklahoma. We have both stayed at this hotel one time before when we came up for last Christmas.

The outside:

This is a newer La Quinta and you can tell it has been built in the last few years.

The lobby:

The hallways:

Due to being night and wanting to get some sleep, I didn’t get a chance to check out the pool or fitness room.

The room:

We ended up getting a handicapped room due to it being one of the last ones left. When doing the comparison between La Quinta and the Hampton we stayed at in Florida, this room was much more handicapped accessible. I obviously don’t know much about this, but Victoria pointed this out right away as she is more in tuned with these kind of things due to her mom.

The view:

It was night time, so the view was a bit limited.


The internet was completely unusable. I tried calling the desk and they tried to reset the router to no avail. I tried it in the morning and it still wouldn’t work. Lucky, I was just staying here to sleep and didn’t really need to get any work done.


Last time, the breakfast was horrible. It was the worst that I had ever had at a La Quinta. This time, it was much better.

Other Notes on the Hotel:

Besides the internet not working, I didn’t receive my La Quinta Elite bag. This time the breakfast was alright, but last time it sucked. Overall, for such a new hotel it’s hard to overlook a lot of these flaws like I would at an older La Quinta like the one in Eagle Pass. The only reason I stayed twice so far is because this is literally the last La Quinta for a while and usually it’s around midnight by the time I arrive here due to leaving Texas in the afternoon.

I did find it interesting that there was actually a pamphlet for Round Rock, which is over 6 hours away.

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