La Quinta Inn & Suites Laredo Airport, Laredo, TX

As you can see by my past blog entries, I’ve stayed at a lot of La Quinta’s. I’ve found that this La Quinta is one of the best in the State of Texas to stay at. Between the happy hour each night, the breakfast in the morning, and just the overall condition of the hotel and amenities it offers, you really do get a good bang for your buck.

The outside:

The hotel itself looks a bit older compared to some of the brand new La Quinta’s I’ve stayed at, but it is still modern overall and has the modern feeling inside.

The Lobby:

The hallways:

The fitness room:

The pool:

The pool is outside. In my past experiences with Laredo being an oven, an outside pool seems like it can be used year round. It was close to 90 in March when I visited.

The room:

The nice thing is you don’t have to swipe your card for the room. It’s one of those key fob readers that you put your card over.

The room itself was a standard room. It had everything you needed and was clean.

The view from my hotel room wasn’t bad.


The free wifi was also very fast compared to what I see at most hotels:

Happy Hour:

This hotel has happy hour every night. You get up to 2 drinks (beer, wine, or soda) and they also serve food, so it’s basically like a free supper. There was spaghetti and salad the night I stayed.


The happy hour area and breakfast area are the same. One thing about breakfast near the border of Mexico is, it’s really good. They usually include some sort of of peppers and/or meat mixed in with the eggs and also have salsa to put on top of the eggs.

Overall, I enjoy staying at this place. I do end up in Laredo often, so I definitely have this as my preferred place to stay.

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