La Quinta Inn & Suites McAllen Convention Center, McAllen, TX

In my opinion, this is the best La Quinta in the State of Texas and the best La Quinta I have stayed at so far. I really enjoy staying here and am happy it is close to a bunch of port of entries that I need to work on, so I stay here often and often get to stay multiple nights.

The Outside:

This is pretty much a brand new hotel.

The Lobby:

The lobby itself is very big and open.

The Hallways:

The Fitness Room:

Compared to most La Quintas, this fitness room has a lot of stuff, including weights.

The Pool:

This is the first La Quinta I’ve been to where you needed a wristband. It was super hot (I saw it as high as 109 that day), so I just took my pictures and got out of the sun. A dip in the pool would have been nice, but so was air conditioning.

The Room:

The View:

Internet Speeds:

This was another hotel that the internet speeds depended on the time of day you used it. It was decent during earlier times in the day, but it became unusable during peak times.

Happy Hour:

This hotel has a full bar and a great happy hour. They include food with it and 2 free drinks. There is a decent amount of choice, and it’s very relaxing there. When the internet got slow, I headed down to the bar and had my 2 free drinks. It is one of the best hotel bars I have been to.

The Breakfast:

The breakfast here is really good and they have everything to make breakfast tacos. I do remember they used to have a big pump for Tabasco sauce, but that has since disappeared. Regardless, I always get my fill at the breakfast here and love the selection and how they cook the eggs and combine it with peppers and ham.

Other Notes on the Hotel:

This hotel is definitely very dog friendly and they even have dog biscuits at the counter.

My La Quinta Returns Elite bag:

Like I said earlier, this is my favorite La Quinta to stay at. With it being nice and new, it has a lot to offer, especially having a great breakfast and also happy hour. I do wish the internet were a little more stable, but I’m finding this to be an issue at many hotels I stay at and have to work around it. Other than that, this hotel does a really great job!

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