Lake Superior Circle Tour Day 2: Sault St Marie to Nipigon

After scaling the South Shore the day before, it was time to go to Sault St. Marie and cross into Canada. I had about an hour drive from where I slept in Michigan. I woke up at the rest stop and it was the start of a nice day.

I hit up Anytime Fitness for my morning shower.

When I was about to hop in the shower, the power went out. That was definitely interesting as I had to use the flashlight app on my phone to see. When I got out of the bathroom, it appeared the power was out throughout the building.

I went to Dollar Tree next door to get an energy drink and a bottle of water and half their power was out too.

After Dollar Tree, I filled up and proceeded to go to the border.

I waited in line to pay my toll to cross the bridge.

When I went to talk with the border guard, he asked me what I was bringing with me. I said, “Nothing to declare” and he snapped at me, “How do you know that?” With his tone I was sure I was going to get pulled into secondary questioning. I said normally they ask if I have alcohol, tobacco, or firearms and I have none of those. He then asked what I was doing (Lake Superior Circle Tour) and where I worked. He handed me back my passport card and I was on my way. That crossing was actually pretty efficient and fast.

Ontario’s hands-free laws are very strict so I didn’t take any pictures while driving. I did make sure to make a couple stops along the way.

The water was really clear.

I saw a sign for local fresh smoked fish, so I had to stop.

I went to the fridge to get a piece.

I then took it to the car and then sat and ate it.

I took a quick picture of the lake by this general store.

I drove a bit more and stopped at this scenic lookout.

I noticed a worn path so I decided to walk down by the water.

I had to climb through a few rocks.

The views were pretty amazing!

It was getting to be about lunch time, so I stopped in Wawa. I decided to go to the Canadian staple of Tim Horton’s.

I got a steak and cheese sandwich.

I had nice view from my booth.

As I said before, Tim Horton’s is a Canadian staple. You can tell this by the constant line of cars.

I went to get some gas. I see I couldn’t pay at the pump with my credit card.

I decided to get a candy bar when I went in to pay for my gas. It was pretty good.

It was kind of interesting seeing 2 phone booths. Normally, you don’t see these around anymore.

Just like Michigan, most of the Canadian rest stops are old school outhouses.

There were some awesome views of a river that ran through.

It looks like a beaver got to this tree.

I stopped at another scenic view. As with the rest of the views, these were great too.

I drove a bit further and made it to Terrace Bay.

I had originally thought I’d be stopping in Terrace Bay, but there was still plenty of daylight. Nipigon was an hour away, so I kept driving. I stopped at a scenic lookout along the way.

I then made it to Nipigon. I decided to go to the Paddle to the Sea Park and get a few pictures.

For supper I stopped by Tim Horton’s.

By then, I was looking for a hotel since there wasn’t that great of a place to sleep in my car. Some of the hotels had no vacancy signs and it look like a lot were booked. I found out most were full and luckily got the last room at the Northland Motel.

The place was a basic room that had a kitchenette.

It was interesting seeing a thermostat in Celsius.

The no smoking sign had an interesting way of stating what the fine was.

I was able to get a good night’s sleep and also start working on processing and uploading my drive videos. This is the video for day 2’s drive:

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