Lamars BBQ

Obviously, Texas is known for its BBQ. It’s hard to pass through any little town without seeing at least 1 BBQ joint. The interesting thing about Marshfield is, it has its own BBQ joint called Lamar’s BBQ. For a while there was actually a 1 or 2 other food trucks that served BBQ, but Lamar’s is the only one remaining. I guess in Marshfield, BBQ isn’t as demanded as it is in Texas or food trucks just aren’t popular like they are in Austin.

Lamar’s is right next to the Baltus Bread and Butter Shop gas station.

They had their menu written on a chalk board.

Besides Texas, pork is the big staple of BBQ.

With that being said, I got brisket to compare to what I’m used to in Texas.

It was a little drier than I’m used to, but there was a decent amount of sauces in a bucket that made up the difference.

Overall, it’s a decent place to eat. It’s definitely a bit of a change from what is normally served in the Upper Midwest.

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