Last Week of Surface Deployment in San Antonio

After being on the road for several months, it was finally time to start wrapping up the Microsoft Surface project. The final week would be in San Antonio. Monday, I had meetings and there wasn’t anyone scheduled to be deployed, so I headed straight to the hotel from Austin. The hotel was near the San Antonio Riverwalk. The funny thing is there is a Denny’s next to this hotel and people joke that La Quinta means, “Next to Denny’s” in Spanish.

I got a room on the top (15th) floor and had a nice view.

That night, I took a walk downtown, past the Riverwalk and Alamo, to get some food at Dick’s Last Resort.

When I got back, some idiot was doing a brake stand in the Denny’s parking lot.

He must have been drunk or something, because he almost took off both bumpers on his way out, as well as went the wrong way in traffic.

The next morning in the hotel, I had breakfast. This place had the most waffle makers that I’ve ever seen!

They actually had a milk machine, like they did in Wisconsin.

I got some sausage and eggs.

The sunrise was beautiful that morning.

When I got to the office, I saw another Packer’s fan was parked there.

The next day after the Surface deployment, there was more walking downtown. This time I went to Potbelly’s for supper and then took a boat cruise on the Riverwalk.

On my walk, I noticed some very expensive, “Wisconsin fried cheese curds.”

There was also a cool downtown bus.

On Wednesday, it was cloudy. I had to head to Floresville to deploy to an agent at an outpost. The closer I got to Floresville, the sunnier it got. It was pretty warm and mild, but a bit windy.

On my way back to the San Antonio office, it started getting cloudy again.

After working the rest of the day, I took a tour of the Alamo. I stopped at Chipotle and had this massive burrito.

Thursday was cloudy again.

I did another full day in the San Antonio office. That night, I went to get some more Potbelly’s subs for supper. I then hit up the Riverwalk to get some ice cream.

As I was eating the ice cream, some ducks came walking by. They were very tame and got pretty close.

Friday morning was cloudy and dreary again.

I worked almost a full day in the San Antonio office and then headed back to Austin. Of course, you can’t think about going to Austin without hitting some sort of traffic jam.

The last week of the Surface deployment ended up being a good one. Things went pretty smooth overall, and I was able to basically work standard 8 hour days. Being close to the downtown, The Riverwalk and The Alamo, I was able to get my exercise in, and walk around while doing a ton of exploring. I am not sure what project is going to take priority next, but I’m sure I’ll be on the road soon enough.

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