Lava Carwash at Weilers in Marshfield, WI

After doing my maiden voyage with the Focus, my car was dirty. It also had not been washed or waxed after buying it, so I decided to go through Weiler’s because they have a good carwash there. They ended up getting this new carwash called the, “Lava Wash.” It appeared to be about 5 times more thorough than a regular carwash, so I got the premium package for $15.

It took a while of waiting to actually get in. The line seemed long and not moving, so I tried driving to the other one across town. It didn’t take my code, so I had to drive back to this one. The line was a bit shorter this time. The strobe lights were a bit trippy and it looked like it was doing a good job on the car in front of me.

As far as I could see, the carwash did a really good job. I was happy, because I needed a good coat of wax on it. I used to always take the Cougar through the normal touchless wash at Weiler’s, but this Lava Wash appears to be insanely more thorough and also has a touchless option. I’m guessing I can get it nice and clean with it.

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