Layne’s of College Station, College Station, TX

I had previously blogged about Layne’s Wellborn location. Victoria and I decided to visit the Walton Drive location, that is right across the road from the Texas A&M campus. This location is much cozier than the Wellborn location.

It might be cozier, but it’s just as quirky. It has the same minimalist menu and decor on the walls.

The food is also amazing. The chicken fingers are perfectly crispy, and their sauce makes them even better. Victoria thinks their toast is addictive like crack. I’m not sure what they do with the toast, but the butteriness is great!

If you’re looking for chicken fingers, Layne’s is the place to go. That’s literally all they offer (besides a few sides and the “crack” toast). I guess when you specialize in a single thing, you become an expert at it. Layne’s has definitely honed this expertise, and there’s really no comparison!

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