Layne’s “Soon to Be Famous” Chicken Fingers, College Station, TX

Since I was spending another night in Bryan\College Station for the Surface Deployment, I decided I’d fight traffic a bit and go to somewhere local. Victoria (and a few other people) had recommended Layne’s “Soon to be Famous” Chicken Fingers. I drove there from the hotel.

The place was very Aggie.

Their menu was a lot like an In N’ Out burger with a limited selection. I ordered the chicken finger basket.

The restaurant had a very unique and kind of down home (and very Aggie) feel to it.

The drink included a free cup with it.

The food was definitely good and had a home cooked taste to it. It didn’t taste like the generic, more mass-produced chain places. It’s somewhere I might have to hit up a bit more often when I am in the Bryan\College Station area.

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