LCBO, Thunder Bay, Ontario

In Wisconsin, I’m used to liquor being sold at even gas stations. In Texas, it’s a bit stricter and it has to be sold at private liquor stores. In Ontario, all liquor is sold at a government-owned business called, “LCBO.” Essentially, it’s just like any other liquor store, but it holds a monopoly in the province. I know some US states are like this, but I have never bought liquor in any of those states.

I decided to check out the LCBO and see what they had to offer. For the most part, the major brands enjoyed in the US are also in Canada. One major difference is the price. Canada has way higher alcohol taxes, so there is a very noticeable price difference.

I saw they sold Trailer Park Boy’s beer, so I decided to get 2 cans of that. I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to find this anywhere in the States.

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