Lefty’s Trackside Bar and Grill, Marshfield, WI

In Marshfield, both Lefty’s and the current location of Lefty’s have a bit of a story. I originally remember when Lefty’s was on the corner of Central and Veterans in Marshfield. Eventually, Lefty’s moved out of there and I think it was Fuzzy Duck for a while, before being currently vacant. This was before I turned legal drinking age, so I couldn’t really tell you the atmosphere of the bar then.

Fast forward to today, Lefty’s is out by the race track, Marshfield Motor Speedway. This location also has a storied history with it being James Way back when my parents were young and then a teen dance club called Reflections. I’ve heard many stories about James Way, but this was obviously way before my time. I was not in to the whole teen club thing, so I also couldn’t tell you how it was at reflections.

What I can tell you is currently the bar itself is very spacious and has a sports bar and pool hall feel to it. I’ve also been here in the past when they’ve had bands playing. For a bar, it’s about as versatile as they come!

I was stuffed, so I didn’t order food, but I do hear they have really good food. I know what my friends ordered looked really good.

I also wasn’t drinking this time, but they did have Busch NA and they have cool coasters to put it on.

I’m also happy they had halfway decent wifi, because the cell service was very spotty around the building.

Like I said, the cell service was a bit spotty there. This is because the bar is one of those country bars that is out of town. In many ways, country bars are nice to hang at and this bar has pretty much everything, making it an all around good bar. Next time, I’ll have to not come already full and try the food so I can report back.

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