“Why Do You Like to Come to Boring Thunder Bay and Canada?” Why I Love to Visit Thunder Bay

“Why do you come up to Thunder Bay? Thunder Bay is just so boring and Canada can be boring in general too.” This is what people will ask me when I say I love to visit Thunder Bay. I guess what first got Thunder Bay on the radar for me is the fact that it’s the closest major Canadian city from where I grew up in Central Wisconsin. Obviously, from a geographical proximity perspective, it makes it the easiest to get to. Thunder Bay is also my first international experience.

Now, geographical proximity is one thing, but there’s definitely more to it. The natural beauty is also amazing. Between places like Paddle to the Sea Park and Kakabeka Falls, you really can’t beat Northwestern Ontario’s natural beauty. It’s just relaxing being in nature there.

Now another element of Thunder Bay is the culture. Usually stereotypes are a bad thing, but the Canadian stereotype of being super friendly is actually a good thing. It is something that makes it truly enjoyable to visit. In many ways, I feel like Thunder Bay has embraced me as much as I have embraced it.

I have made a good group of friends in Thunder Bay and everyone is just insanely nice. Places like the Prince Arthur will go out of their way to make recommendations and give coupons for places nearby. There is also a group on Facebook called, “Thunder Bay Memories.” Originally, I had just joined this group to see the pictures of the natural beauty of Thunder Bay. When I reached out to the members of the group, they gave me ton of recommendations that will keep me busy for several visits to come. They also gave me a lot of positive and encouraging feedback on this blog.

There’s a lot of other unique experiences I have done in Thunder Bay. I once got to ride along with the Thunder Bay Police. Everyone still questions how I was able to pull that off. I literally just sent them an email and a couple hours later they called and asked me for my information and then we made arrangements. That just goes to show you how awesome and embracing the people are that I, not even a citizen or resident, can ride along with the police and see how they do things. I’ve also done cool stuff like sat in on my friend Ryan’s radio show Lipstick and Leather on CILU. Prior to this, I’ve never been in a radio studio.

Now a joke of Thunder Bay is the favorite pastime is complaining. Just because I’m talking up Thunder Bay, doesn’t mean I don’t realize it has its problems. I know, per capita, it has been named the murder capital of Canada. After doing the ride along with the police, I realize there is a big alcohol problem there. Additionally, the cold winters can definitely be brutal. No place can be perfect.

Another thing a lot of people, at least my age, complain about is Thunder Bay being boring and Canada also being boring. I know I like to gain a lot of perspectives and insights, especially with politics, and I always hear the claim of it being boring. The claim of being boring really means stable, and with all the chaos in the US, I find stable being comforting. I also think the US has a lot to learn from Canada and could really improve society if we took a few lessons from Canada.

I’ve been all over the US and even into places like Juarez, Mexico. I know things are all relative, but I think Thunder Bay is a great place. For the murder capital of Canada, I’ve never felt unsafe. Like I said, I find comfort in boring and stable. As you can see with this blog, I’m always impulsive enough. Hopefully this answers why I love visiting Thunder Bay and will make impulsive trips up there any time I come back to Wisconsin.

Anyways, continue to stay awesome Thunder Bay!

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