Lindsey Bar and Grill

I know I did a previous blog entry about Rockin’ With the G-Man at Lindsey Bar, but I decided to do another blog entry on Lindsey Bar and Grill itself. This place is one of those country bars kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Although it’s in the middle of nowhere, it is just down the road from my parents house (which is also kind of in the middle of nowhere). Being close to my parent’s house, it is a nice place to hang out that serves really good food.

I got there right at sunset.

Since it was a Friday night in Wisconsin, I had to get a fish fry.

Of course the G-Man is a regular there, so there was a poster on the wall when he was playing next.

After eating and BSing for a while, I did a walk around to get some more pictures.

I know I’ll definitely be back here, since it’s so close to my parent’s house and some of my friends like to hang out there and are regulars. Next time, I might opt for a pizza (which is amazing).

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