Lipstick and Leather

I’ve known Ryan for a couple of years now and I’m still amazed at his knowledge of hair metal. He’s a walking encyclopedia of knowledge! He often remembers more than the musicians themselves!

Every time I listen to an interview he has done, it’s crazy to hear them say, “Wow! I forgot that! That’s so amazing you know that!” If any 80’s hair metal band needs to piece together something from their past, Ryan is the guy to talk to. He does his research and knows his stuff.

He has a program on CILU called, “Lipstick and Leather.” Every time I listen to it, I learn a ton of new things about 80’s hair metal.

Ryan has one of the most extensive CD collections that I know. I am constantly seeing him buying new CDs and it’s nothing for him to buy 25 CDs in a week. He brings a bunch of CDs to play on the air.

Between songs, we talk and the time flies. Sometimes he throws a microphone in front of me and we talk on the air.

Other times I just listen in amazement of his 80’s hair metal knowledge.

I always find it fun sitting in the CILU studio with Ryan. The time flies as we talk and I always come out knowing a few more facts than when I came in.

You can catch Ryan’s program Friday nights at 6PM Eastern Time. It’s streamed on CILU’s website: I know I try to tune in from Texas whenever I get a chance!

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