Los Cerritos Mexican Kitchen, Roswell, NM

When in New Mexico, isn’t it appropriate to try Mexican food? Of course it is and that’s exactly what I did at Los Cerritos Mexican Kitchen!

This place had been recommended to me and I could see why. I went inside and found there was a bit of a wait to get a table.

This lady kept Victoria and I company as we waited.

They also had decent wifi to stay connected during the wait.

The wait wasn’t too long and soon we were brought to our table.

The chairs were pretty cool!

Like any good Mexican restaurant, the chips and salsa were put down. These chips were crunchy and the salsa had a nice bite to it.

The menu had a lot of good choices!

Victoria decided to get enchiladas.

Tacos are huge in Austin and I eat them often. I wanted to try New Mexico’s style so I got a taco plate.

The tacos were the size of street tacos and really tasty! The chicken was very juicy and the rest of the stuff on the taco added a ton of flavor.

Victoria and I really liked what we ordered. I can see why Los Cerritos was recommended to me. They do a pretty good job!

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