Lucy’s Fried Chicken, Austin, TX

If you want a unique place that mixes a little bit of Austin weird with old school deep fried Texas, Lucy’s Fried Chicken is the place to go. I’m not sure how long this place has been around, but I’m guessing it has a while. The sign out front is very cool and old school and the restaurant itself looks like it has been around a while. You could tell the place was popular as there were no parking spots up front and we had to park in the back.

Upon walking inside, there was a unique Texas road house feel.

The table had a bunch of different hot sauces.

We got the menu and there were a lot of good choices!

I got the fried chicken spaghetti. This spaghetti had cheese for the sauce and was the most unique kind of spaghetti I have eaten so far. It’s definitely much different than your normal spaghetti and I do really like it. I had actually been to Lucy’s a time before and this was what I ordered. I liked it so much I ordered it again!

The wifi was pretty decent for download speeds, but kind of slow for upload speeds.

I was definitely stuffed after eating. When we got the bill, we got this unique cup to put it in.

Another thing I noticed is this place must go through a lot of beer. On the way out, I saw a lot of empty kegs sitting there.

Lucy’s Fried Chicken is pretty unique overall. You get some good Southern fried food in a place that is very quirky and looks like it belongs in Austin. Next time I go, I may have to venture away from the fried chicken spaghetti, but that is so good overall. I guess if that’s that good, anything else I try will be just as good!

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