Mac’s Speed Shop, Charlotte, NC

Living in Texas, I get to eat a lot of Texas-style BBQ. It seems every state has their own distinct way of making BBQ, so I wanted to try some good North Carolina BBQ. Since I was in the area, I decided to drop by Mac’s Speed Shop. I was meeting my friend Mike who had recommended this place.

The outside is very unique. There’s a large covered parking area with checkered asphalt. This is where bikes can park.

When my friend Mike arrived, we went inside. The inside had garage doors leading to the outside seating. We sat close to those doors.

At the table awaited a bunch of good sauces and a menu with a lot of choices.

They also had a huge beer menu. If I wasn’t driving, this would be the place to sit and drink!

In the meantime, we were brought some hush puppies. They were good!

I got the Hickory Smoked & Pulled Pork BBQ. My sides were mac and cheese and beef stew.

Like I said, every state does their BBQ different. In Texas, there’s more beef. I made sure to get pork since that’s what the other states focus their BBQ on. The sauces are also much sweeter the further east you go. This BBQ was definitely good! It had a nice smokey and sweet taste to it.

I can tell this place is popular. After a while, it was filled up and packed with people. Mike and I got done eating and said our goodbyes. He did make a good recommendation to get good North Carolina BBQ. I would definitely stop at this place again!

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