The day after the trip to Timms Hill, I decided to visit Madison. I lived 2 stints in Madison. The first stint was living in Sun Prairie when I was working on my bachelor’s degree at Herzing. After I could take online classes and move back home, I then lived in Marshfield. After graduation, I took a job at DirectNetworks and lived in Fitchburg for 8 months. After 8 months, I got a job at Marshfield Clinic and moved back to Marshfield.
My first stop was Herzing University to see if anything changed. The campus was pretty much the same as when I had graduated in 2010.

After visiting a little bit, I drove downtown past the Capital.

My route took me past Camp Randall.

One of my stops every time I visit Madison is Strictly Discs. They have a lot of cheap used CDs that help build my music collection. Having a nice music collection is definitely good for long road trips. They have a, buy 12 and get one free special. I made sure to buy enough CDs to get a free one.

After buying a bunch of CDs, I drove to Fitchburg to see if anything changed.

It was definitely crazy seeing the development. The building in the background was not there when I lived there. It was actually a farmer’s field and my apartment was on the absolute edge of Madison\Fitchburg.

There were new apartments also going up in that area that used to be the farmer’s field.

After I was done exploring Fitchburg, I drove out to Sun Prairie. I was going to meet with one of my former bosses and catch up. I decided to drive by my old apartment. I see, unlike Fitchburg, not a lot changed.

I went to Prairie Lanes to meet up with Dave, my former boss at Roehl Transport. I decided to have a Baja Burger.

After catching up with Dave, I met up with a buddy who graduated high school with me and was a roommate at the Sun Prairie apartment when we both pursued our bachelor’s degrees in Technology Management. We went to McGovern’s for a drink. I stuck to soda since I was driving a long ways back to Marshfield. After we talked a bit, I headed back to Marshfield to wrap things up before I headed north to Duluth. In the meantime the Focus hit 200,000 miles.

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