Maiden Voyage and First Impressions of My New 2017 Ford Focus

After driving my 2007 Ford Focus for almost 10 years and over a quarter million miles, I have got a good idea of what to expect with a Ford Focus. I have always been a Ford fan and that’s why I also have a 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator. With breaking down in the middle of nowhere Iowa, I knew it was time to buy a new car and that new car would be a Ford. I was originally going to get a Ford Fiesta, because they are much cheaper, but found a deal I couldn’t pass up at Bluebonnet Motors in New Bruanfels, TX (You can read the story behind both focuses here).

I had made plans to drive up to Wisconsin for my Grandma’s 90th birthday. The night before, I had packed everything and was ready to go. That next morning I put the 2007 Focus under the covered parking and was off with the 2017 Focus for the first long maiden voyage with it. Overall, I’m impressed with this car (see my impressions below).

Of course, I hit stop-and-go traffic on the way to work, and it reminded me why I decided to keep my 2007 Focus for a local beater.

I did a full day of work and then hit the road. Again, I hit another traffic jam leaving Austin.

I noticed it was pretty warm at 86. I also noticed I had about 600 miles on the car before leaving.

By the time I hit Oklahoma, the sun was starting to go down.

My first gas stop was a little before Oklahoma City. Normally, with the 2007 Focus, I would have had to fill up around the border. It appears I drove 358.4 miles and the fuel mileage calculator said I got 36.6mpg. The gas pump said I filled up 8.783 gallons, so that comes to 40.8mpg. I don’t think I fully reset everything when I filled up in Austin, so that’s maybe why it shows a lower reading.

I then made it to a Kansas travel plaza. It was starting to rain and it was getting late. It looked like storms were going to be there for a while, so I topped off and was planning on going to sleep. The fuel mileage calculator said I got 42.3mpg. I put in 5.698 gallon of gas for 222.4 miles. This would make 39mpg.

I tried to sleep with the seat reclined, but I found the caffeine I was drinking and the loud storm was keeping me up. I eventually just hit the road again to work off some of that caffeine energy.

I made it to another Kansas travel plaza about 40 miles south of Kansas City. I was able to sleep a couple hours next to the McDonalds. That was a bit convenient, because I was able to eat some McDonalds for breakfast.

When I hit the road, things had cleared up a bit.

My next gas stop was in Iowa, around Des Moines. This was the last gas stop I had to make along the way and was able to make it the rest of the way on this tank of gas. It said I got 36.6mpg. I ended up putting in 11.251 gallons for 381.4 miles. That comes out to 33.9mpg.

The rest of the drive was cloudy and windy. It did sprinkle a bit, but didn’t rain too hard.

A bit earlier in the trip, I also was able to hit my first 1000 miles!

My first impressions:

Power: For being a little 3 banger with a turbo, this car gets up and goes well. It’s amazing seeing the amount of power such a small engine cranks out. Also, it’s very easy to speed in this car and you have to watch how much gas you give it.

Gas Mileage: This is where I am the most impressed. I only had to fill up essentially 3 times along the way to make it from Texas to Wisconsin. For the most part I was averaging in the 30’s and pushing 40mpg in a lot of places. I did notice that I did get the best interstate mileage around 70mph. After that, it seemed to drop off substantially. On my instant fuel mileage gauge, if I just did 70, I would get mid 40’s. Obviously, the speed limits in Texas and Kansas are 75, so that took down my averages.

Handling: The car handles pretty well and is easy to drive.

Noise: The car is very quiet. I’m getting used to this over my 2007 Focus that was much louder (mainly due to age). Noise was one of the ways I was able to easily know when to shift. I definitely have to pay attention more to the tachometer to make sure I’m not revving it too much before shifting as it’s very quiet.

Sleeping in the Car: I do notice the sedan is much louder than what I’m used to, having driven a hatchback prior, when it is raining. I did not try laying in the trunk like I did before, but the seat does recline very nice and I was able to sleep that way.

Technology: I do like the Sync and being able to use Siri while driving. It’s nice having everything wirelessly integrated and also being able to do everything handsfree. Also, having XM radio is nice.

Overall: Overall, I am impressed with this car. It was enjoyable driving it up to Wisconsin and is very quiet. The fuel efficiency is great and there is enough power overall. I definitely look forward to more long road trips with this car!

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