Man Vs. Meat, Thunder Bay, ON

Man vs. Meat. What a name! It sounds like more of a challenge than an actual name for a restaurant. It had been on my list for a while, so I decided to check it out.

The inside of the place is small. It’s takeout only.  Their motto is “Premium meats, Homestyle eats.” I did also really like their logo.

The menu itself looked like it was handwritten in neat handwriting. Judging by how packed it was inside, this was the place to go to get some good food. I ordered and sat in the only spot open on the benches. I waited to take a few of my pictures until the place cleared, but when I first got there, it was packed.

When I got my order it was fresh. I got the pulled chicken. Being that it was takeout, I went out to the Focus to eat it.

You could tell this was homemade. I took a bite of it and the juice squirted all over my hand. It was pure flavor!

After cleaning my hand a bit, I finished the sandwich. The amount of flavor in this sandwich blew me away. It definitely takes skill to keep the amount of juices and flavor in the meat without drying it out. I don’t think you could have cooked this pulled chicken any better!

When I was waiting I spoke with Jamie, the general manager. It appears they have a sit down restaurant called Fire & Spice. This is somewhere I will have to try in the future. Until then, Jamie and the rest of Man vs. Meat, keep up the good work!

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