Mangia Pizza, Austin, TX

Mangia Pizza is a pizza joint actually a short walk away from my apartment. They serve Chicago-style pizza and other Italian food. In many ways, I seem to always overlook the closest little shopping center next to our apartment, but luckily Victoria’s dad was in town and suggested we go there.

The menu has a pretty good selection of pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and salads.

The inside is like a regular restaurant, but in the corner has a bar area that feels more like a sports bar. In many ways, I need to check this place out during a game or something. Being that it’s a short walk back to my apartment, it would be the perfect place to catch a game and have a few drinks without worrying about logistics of getting home safe.

The table had all the standard things you need to have a good Italian meal.

I’ll normally get a personal sized pizza, but this time I decided to try lasagna instead. It came with a salad and a very sturdy drink cup. It came out super hot and was really good!

So good I didn’t want any of it to go to waste and made sure to get a to go box!

Victoria got a pizza. This is what they look like.

For wifi, I didn’t get the password, so I’m not sure the speeds. It looks like they have it but I didn’t have the password.

I’m glad Victoria’s dad wanted to visit this place while he was in Austin. I forgot how good their food is, and they definitely kick the crap out any of the Italian food chains that you typically think of when you want to get an Italian fix. I guess next time I’ll just have a nice short walk there and work off all the carbs I’ll be eating at this place!

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