Marieke Gouda, Thorp, WI

The last time I checked out a Gouda place, I was in Ontario. Being born and raised in Wisconsin, I figured I better check something out in my home state. I decided to check out Marieke Gouda in Thorp.

You can definitely tell they love their Gouda by the VW Beetle that is parked in the parking lot.

Inside there’s a lot of cheese (obviously), but also other good Wisconsin products.

You can also peer in and see their cheese-making operation.

If that isn’t enough for you, their milking operation is on full display next door!

They had the perfect sample sizes of cheese in the store. I got a small wedge of Gouda and downed it quickly before heading back to Marshfield. It was pretty good!

I think it’s pretty cool that Marieke Gouda puts their whole operation on display. You can see everything from the milking to them actually making the cheese. They have a nice store that sells the cheese, along with other Wisconsin goodies!

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