Marshfield Mercantile, Marshfield, WI

In Austin, I find a lot of quirky places to visit. In Marshfield one of the quirkiest places I’ve found so far is Marshfield Mercantile. Marshfield Mercantile is an antique store that also sells local products and produce. It’s a weird combination, but it appears to work very well.

Besides the food being local, many of the antiques are too. Walking through, I felt like I was walking through a museum of local history. The building itself is very historic. It is the Weber Building that was originally home to Weber’s Grocery.

After Weber’s Grocery, a stationary store took its place. Then a glass store called Atrium Glass was there for a while. When Atrium Glass closed, it became Four Seasons Antiques. Four Seasons Antiques is what I always remember the place being. After Four Seasons Antiques closed, it became Janet’s Yarns.

Janet’s Yarns only lasted a little while until Marshfield Mercantile opened up there. Marshfield Mercantile went back to the building’s historic roots. They became part grocery store and part antique shop.

The things for sale are laid out neatly. This made viewing stuff a lot easier and less of a treasure hunt like Out of the Past Collectibles. I took a walk around the store and ultimately bought some dried cranberries. I would say this store is very well put together and represents the area well. Once I settle down a bit more and not move every single year, I’ll be buying some old Marshfield artifacts here.

The following is my walk around the store and all the cool things I saw for sale there.

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