Marshfield Zoo

I was hanging around Marshfield in the early morning and had a little time to kill so I decided to drop by the Marshfield Zoo. I actually got there right when it opened.

The nice thing about the zoo is it’s free. Obviously, you can throw a few bucks in the donation box, but you can also walk around for free instead of having to pay $10-20 like a lot of other zoos.

One thing about the zoo is they have had these plaques forever. They were around when I was a kid. They describe different things about the animal.

And here is the Bald Eagle.

Something that is different from the last time I visited years ago is there is sponsorship for the animals.

Here is a wood carving of a Bald Eagle.

The zoo does have a lot of birds.

There’s info on mature forests.

And a little foliage.

The Mountain Lion was pretty lazy that morning.

There was a Swan swimming on the pond…

…and a few ducks that preferred to walk on land.

If you wanted to, you could feed them some corn.

Now one guy who wasn’t a happy camper was the Canadian Lynx. Unlike the Mountain Lion who just laid there, the Canadian Lynx walked right up to the glass, hit his paw against the glass and then snarled at me. I wasn’t even trying to antagonize him!

The bear exhibit was new from the last time.

The bears seemed content overall.

When I walked up to the glass, he just kind of looked at me and went on to do his own thing.

The Prairie Dogs were nowhere to be found.

The Grey Fox decided to copy Snoopy and sleep on the top of his house.

The area to chill on the benches is very scenic.

The Sandhill Cranes were just walking around and minding their own business.

The zoo had some cool murals on the wall of one of the buildings.

Going through the Marshfield Zoo was a good way to kill a little time.

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