McAlister’s Deli, Austin, TX

Sometimes on a cold day, it’s nice to get a warm toasted sandwich. Places like McAlister’s fill this need and have a large selection to choose from. It was one of those cold days, so Victoria and I decided to head to McAlister’s and get one of those warm sandwiches.

The inside has the feel of your typical fast-casual restaurant.

The menu has a large selection. You have to stand back a ways to read it all! After deciding what you want, you walk up to the counter and order.

After ordering, you get a number and go to the table. There’s a basic set of condiments waiting for you.

While there are the basic set of condiments, you don’t need them for the food. It is seasoned to perfection! I got the chicken verde and Victoria got the sweet chipotle chicken. It really hit the spot on the dreary day we visited!

McAllister’s is just a good place to stop to get a nice warm sandwich. It definitely hits the spot on a cold day. I’m also happy their food is on the lighter side. It helps me eat healthier, while at the same time I can still have a good and tasty meal!

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