Mesina Hof, Bryan, TX

Talking to the locals, one advantage you will find is you get some good recommendations on local places to visit. In this case, Victoria’s Uncle Craig and Aunt Kathy were the locals who were showing us around Bryan. Craig knew I liked to try local products and figured Messina Hof, a local Bryan winery, would be a perfect place to show me something that was made locally in Bryan.

I remember him mentioning it a bit earlier when we were driving around, but it wasn’t until he pulled in that I realized that’s where we were going. The outside of the winery had that of an old country charm feel to it.

Continuing the old country charm, the inside felt a bit like a lodge that had a lot of wines for sale. I’m much more of a beer drinker, but I can see how any wine lover would feel like a kid in a candy store.

We made out way over to the wine bar. It felt very upscale.

While the winery had an old country feel to it, they kept up with modern times and did have wifi.

We each got some menus and they had a huge selection of wine.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know jack about wine. Luckily Victoria ordered before me and I just told the waitress I’ll have what she’s having. I know it was a sweeter wine and it tasted pretty good overall for this wine non-connoisseur.

It tasted good enough that we decided to actually buy a bottle to bring home.

We actually ended up drinking this wine while listening to Cheap Trick’s In Color album followed by the Steve Albini sessions of that album. Yes, that was definitely an interesting combination.

It was cool to explore Messina Hof in Bryan. It’s one of those unique places that you wouldn’t think of, especially if you’re a non-wine drinker like me. I was happy Victoria knows a bit more about wines than me because the wine she chose was good and it made a great addition to us listening to some Cheap Trick. If I’m ever in Bryan again, this might be a place to swing by again real quick and pick up some more products local to the Bryan area.

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