Mi Rancho, Shenandoah, TX

The next morning after the ZZ Top concert, we met Victoria’s aunt and uncle at Mi Rancho for brunch. They were already at the restaurant, so we made our way inside to the table and a bunch of chips and salsa.

The salsa was served hot and was thick (just the way I like it). It had a lot of great flavor to it! I then cracked the menu to see there were a lot of good things to choose from.

We decided to get some queso with our chips.

This was a good choice and that cheesy goodness went well with the tortilla chips that we scarfed down as we waited for our food. That food came out fast!

I got my usual, flautas. These flautas had a little bowl of queso with them. This was the first time I saw this at a Mexican restaurant, but it was a very welcome addition. I also got ground beef this time instead of chicken. Everything tasted great and left me stuffed!

On the way out I took a few pictures of the restaurant. You can tell they have taken a lot of care in making it feel like a cantina.

Overall, I think Mi Rancho did great! The food was good and the atmosphere was laid back. I loved the queso they had and I see this being a good place to come back to if we’re ever back in the area!

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