Microtel Inn and Suites, San Angelo, TX

Now that La Quinta was bought out by Wyndham, there have been a whole bunch more hotels that I can earn rewards at. When I was driving to Roswell, NM, I saw the Microtel was cheap. This was the first time I ever stayed at one.

I checked in and went to my room. It was the smallest room I’ve ever stayed at for a chain hotel. They weren’t lying about the “micro” part.

They did know how to maximize space though, including having a shelf above the toilet that was a continuation of the counter.

They also had great internet!

The view outside was that of the highway.

The breakfast area seemed smaller, but it felt like a standard La Quinta breakfast.

I found the Microtel to be decent overall. It had the higher quality feel of a La Quinta, but was very minimalistic in terms of space. It was reasonably priced so I have a feeling I’ll be staying at more of these!

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