Mikey V’s Hot Sauce Shop, Georgetown, TX

I actually stumbled upon this place by happenstance. Victoria and I originally planned to get infused olive oils at Heart of Texas Olive Oil Company, but since I love hot sauce, this place caught my eye right after I parked. I decided to check it out.

Most of the hot sauces and salsas are made locally, including Mikey V’s own brand, which is made in Georgetown. The rest appeared to be made in either Central Texas or Texas in general. Besides being a locally owned store selling the local products I’m trying to try more often, this store is also awesome in the fact that they allow you the sample anything there.

There were many samples sitting out, but we were told if there was anything we saw that wasn’t out, to let them know and they could get a sample for us. You can’t get much better than that! This has to be one of the first stores I’ve been to that does this, so that definitely puts them above the rest!

While Austin can claim they are keeping themselves weird, Mikey V’s can lay claim to keeping Georgetown spicy.

We decided to get the 512 Pot Sauce and Crenshaw’s Tequila Lime C6 Salsa.

Just like the Heart of Texas Olive Oil Company, I have a feeling I’ll be coming to this place more often. The nice thing is both of these business are almost right next door to each other, so it’ll make it easy to hit up both in a single stop. Also, this place has enough of a selection to keep my taste buds burning with something new for a long time!

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