Miller’s Smokehouse, Belton, TX

For my second stop on the Texas BBQ Passport, I headed over to Miller’s Smokehouse in Belton.

Just like Terry Black’s, there was a long line. They also had meat to go and desserts at the counter to tempt you.

The inside had a more industrial feel to it, and you could tell it was a garage at one time and had been converted over.

Unlike Terry Black’s, where you got everything in a line and took it to your table, here you got number and they brought your food out to the table.

I got a brisket sandwich and some mac and cheese. It wasn’t bad, but I will have to say Terry Black’s was much better. It did, however, hit the spot since I was pretty hungry.

I was going to connect to the wifi and get a speed test, but I couldn’t find the password anywhere.

It was nice getting out of Austin and checking out Miller’s in Belton. I was hungry and this did hit the spot. I will definitely say Terry Black’s was much better, but this is the second place I have tried. This place was good enough and it may be one of the better places on the list. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out as I continue to try more!

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