Minong Wisconsin: Home of Jack Link’s

You can’t go to any grocery or convenience store without seeing Jack Link’s jerky. It’s pretty much everywhere! Now you would think a company that has that kind of widespread distribution would be based out of a huge city. The funny thing is it’s the absolute opposite.

Jack Link’s is based out of the little city of Minong, WI, population a little over 500. Minong is so small it’s not just a flyover city, it’s a drive through city. Every time I drive to Duluth or Thunder Bay, I pass through it. It’s about halfway between Eau Claire and Superior, WI and is in the middle of nowhere.

I never really had a reason to stop, so I quickly passed through. The Jack Link’s factory itself does not give tours. The only official Jack Link’s place you can go to is Henson’s Country Foods. This is the official Jack Link’s outlet. It also serves as the local grocery store and appears to have been there a while by its decor.

When passing through on my trip up to Thunder Bay, I decided to stop in Minong. I drove past the Jack Link’s factory and then went to Henson’s Country Foods. As you’ll probably see by the pictures, it’s a very small town. In many ways, it’s kind of amazing such a large company is based out of there!

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