A Missed Sunset at Daytona Beach

When I was driving in Florida, I started seeing signs for Daytona Beach being only about an hour or so away. I knew the sun was going to be setting around that time, so I thought it would be cool to go over there and see the sunset. Once I got the Daytona Beach itself, I drove around trying to find the water.

I finally found a bridge that would take me by the water.

After driving the bridge, I made it to the entrance of Daytona Beach. I found out that it was closed for cars and pretty much everyone went home. At least it gave me a good parking spot.

After parking the car, I walked past the gates that had closed off the car traffic.

I made my way up to the crashing waves and took a bunch of pictures. I basically saw everything at the tail end of the sunset.

After walking around a while, I walked back to my car.

On my way back to the interstate, I drove past the Daytona International Speedway.

I know a missed most of the sunset, but it was still very scenic catching the tail end of it. There were also only a few people there, so it was actually very peaceful just walking around (kind of like Paddle to the Sea Park).

It was also nice to actually visit Daytona Beach itself. The sand was very hard close to the water, so I can see where you could race a car on it. Maybe sometime, if I’m back in that area, I’ll have to hang out there during the day.

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